Professional Consultation & Training


Supporting the needs of the professional community is an important part of my practice and professional development. Below are areas I might be able to provide that support to individuals and organizations.




  • Clinical Supervision for psychotherapy interns pursuing degrees and licensure in the mental health field.
  • Clinical Consultation for established therapy professionals.
  • Staff Wellness for not for profits and start-ups with a special emphasis on sustainability and productivity; solidifying the work culture as one that engenders creativity, balance, and rigor.
  • Team Building and Service Integration for mental health agencies and community programs.
  • Clinical Supervision for mental health and social services agencies and their staff.




  • Understanding Trauma and its impact on neurological development. This training is appropriate for mental health professional, social workers, medical professionals, occupational therapists, teachers and education personnel, and legal advocates.
  • How to identify and address symptoms of complex trauma in school settings and at home including emotional dysregulation, sensory sensitivities, attention difficulties, disruptive sleep patterns, attachment and relationship challenges, and self-injurious behavior.
  • Group Process and Facilitation. This training provides the basic knowledge needed to develop a support group for clinical staff to enhance work satisfaction and prevent burnout



Lecturer/Guest Speaker


  • Psychotherapy and the creative process
  • The therapeutic structure of the creative process
  • The impact of early childhood trauma on neurological development


Kate Feder, Psy.D. • 3115 South Grand Blvd. • Suite 400A • St. Louis, MO 63118

314.956.4014 •

Kate Feder, Psy.D. • 3115 South Grand Blvd.

Suite 400A • St. Louis, MO 63118

314.956.4014 •